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  1. I will look into it. Thank you sir
  2. We will look into it. Thank you
  3. Our host was doing maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience
  4. You just type in @allskills for now, we are planning on editing the npc on the next maintenance .
  5. 1. You are to abide every DivineRO Rule, read the rules CAREFULLY. 2. You are hired to enforce the rules and assure fairness. - You are to use your sense of judgement at all times, and this shouldn't be compromised because of your personal feelings. - You are not to favor a player because he or she is your friend. 3. You are not allowed to use your powers against any player or another GM. - Do not hit them or kill them in PVP unless they requested it. - When entering PVP, use @battleignore or @hide. 4. You are not allowed to use your powers to aid your legit characters or any player. - Do not give out quest items, zeny, levels, etc. When it comes to quests, you will only provide information. - Absolutely no help will be given to anyone when it comes to PVP. (Example: buffing your friends or yourself, using devotion, etc.) - Absolutely no help will be given to anyone when it comes to MVP hunting. (Unless a player lost his MVP on the Branch rooms.) 5. Be a Proffesional, Patience is a must!, Be friendly and must help the newbies and all players question must have an answer. You must review also the forums for the players questions and any server related topics.. 6. Always include screenshots on your Mute/Jail/Ban Reports. 7. You are limited to one GM Alt character. - This is to be used for EVENTS only. - This character is not allowed to join any parties and guilds. Only the "DivineRO Staff" - All the rules above and below will apply to this character. 8. You are to answer @requests at all times. - If you're busy answering all questions at once, tell the player that you got his request. - If you need to AFK make a PUB AFK. Or just log your character off. Exceptions: When you are hosting an event. 9. Events - Events should be organized for the sake of our players. - If you are uncertain of an event (might have loopholes, etc.), do NOT do it without testing. - Prizes will be given according to the GMs judgement. 10. You must be active ingame or you will lose your GM privileges. More than one week of inactivity and you will lose your GM privileges. Any GMs caught violating any of the rules will be kicked out of the Staff Team and will be permanently banned. - Please be fair at all for the servers good community.
  6. If you need any kind of help please feel free to post your questions here. Thank you for your time!!